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The Rock In-House Programs is made up of 250 to 300 young athletes on teams from tee-ball (5-6U) to senior pitch (16-18U). 
We are a year round program providing other opportunities to improve skills and play in other softball leagues.

In addition to our regulation season, there are opportunities to play in the fall and then there are skills clinics for in-house members as well as some coaches clinics throughout the winter months getting ready for the regular season.

The actual season starts late March or Early April depending on weather, we have an official opening day where we kick off games, food and activities for the family participating in the in-house program.  Games and practices will go until the middle of June right around when school is ending and we will end the season with tournaments, activities and food for the families.

The majority of our games will be played at our home fields at Helen Randle during the week starting around 6:00 PM or 6:30 PM and last for about 1:20.  Tournaments are always on the weekends and are played on both Saturday and Sunday.  For the regulation season, there are some weekend games, they are usually in the morning with the occasional afternoon game with a game time of no more than 1:30.  Games are played against other teams of the same age group within the Rock In-house program as well as from other surrounding communities with in-house programs.  Examples include: Langhorne and Pennsbury.

There are team awards for championship games as well as individual participation awards for each athlete in the program.

More details of each age group and team information will be made available on our website once registration closes and teams are formed.

If you would like to become a member of the in-house committee or have any areas of improvement please let us know.

Tom Seiple
Rock In-house Director