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8U River League Rules

8U Rules
Delaware Twp, Hopewell, Lambertville, Newtown ROCK,  Plumstead, Solebury, , Upper Makefield

last updated January 30, 2020 



The rules below are a guideline agreed to be best for the girls. However, flexibility throughout the season is encouraged. Our goal is to develop skills and the love of the game, so as coaches we need to work together to make sure everyone is enjoying the game. 

a. Each team must attempt to field at minimum 6 players on the field. 

b. All Pitchers must wear a helmet with face guard. All Catchers must wear proper gear which is inclusive of shin guards; chest protector and helmet/face guard. 

c. No score will be kept for this division. 

d. Up to 2 fielding coaches will be allowed on the field during the game. These are in addition to the coach pitching and catching (if needed), for a total of 4 adults on the field. 

e. Team Parent will remain to supervise in dugout. 

f. Home team supplies at least one new game ball. Game balls will be 11”, “softie” type (Rif1). 

g. 1.5 hour target. Our goal should be to achieve 5 complete innings. 


a. Each team bats seven (7) batters or three (3) outs. 

b. 6 strikes maximum per batter. After 5 pitches tell the batter they are in a 2 strike situation. 

c. Foul ball on 6th strike will not be an out and batter will have another pitch. 

d. Batting helmets with faceguards and chin straps must be worn by batters and base runners. 

e. Bunting, leading and stealing are not permitted. 

f. No infield fly rule. 



a. Runners do not leave their base until the ball is hit. 

b. Runners may advance any number of bases when a ball is hit into the outfield. 

c. Play will be called dead when the ball is returned to the pitcher’s circle. Runners will go back to nearest base when play is called dead. If the ball rolls into the circle, it is dead. 

d. Runners cannot advance on an overthrow. A catcher is optional, but if a player is in that position, players will not advance on a dropped ball by the catcher. We want to encourage players to try the position, rather than frustrate them. 

e. Players can be tagged out in any play. So even if there is not a catcher, there can be plays made at home by the infielders. Force out and Tag out will apply. 

f. No sliding to any base! But a player will not be called out if she slides. 

g. No walking 

h. Failure to reach first base safely will result in 1 out. Inclusive of strike outs. Runners will not stay on the bases unless they reach safely. 

i. Extra base hits – All hits within the infield will be limited to one base hit. If the Batter does hit the ball into the outfield they may attempt to extend to 2nd base. 


a. Pitching will be coach pitch. Coaches will keep at least one foot inside the pitching circle to start. T’s may be used when necessary to move the game along. 

b. Coaches will pitch to their own team. 

c. Players must be encouraged to swing. 

d. No bases awarded on balls. 

e. No Batter will be awarded a base if hit with the ball by the coach. Every effort should be made to avoid this. The emphasis is to get them to hit the ball to get to base. 

f. Player at Pitcher position will wear a batting helmet with faceguard and chin strap (this is mandatory). The player at the pitcher position must stay behind the line of the pitcher’s mound and inside the circle 

g. OPTIONAL PITCHER: If you have a player who would like to try pitching and it is established they can consistently get the ball over the plate at 35 ft. they can pitch up to 7 pitches per batter and up to three batters on their own team, NOT to the opposing team.